sewage line replacement cost

Sewage Line Replacement Cost

Sewage Line Replacement Cost

Your sewage line may need to be replaced or repaired if the wastewater system in your house slows down or becomes clogged. Sewage line replacement is not something that many homeowners look forward to. However, sewage line replacement or repair may happen as fast and smoothly as possible with the assistance of professional plumbing services.

The sewage line replacement cost can vary based on numerous factors, including labor installation, type of repair and replacement, square feet, and hours of work. 


Indications Of A Sewage Line Problem

  • Cracks in Your House’s Foundation and Walls
  • Clanging Pipes
  • Clogged Drain
  • Finding Rats and Insects in your Home or Yard
  • The gas smell of raw sewage
  • The grass is not usually greener like the other side
  • Indenture in the ground
  • Visible Wet Areas on the Floor


Causes Of Sewage Line Problems

The causes of sewage lines that need to be replaced are as follows:


Similar to regular plumbing, sewage line replacement or repair may be necessary due to a blockage. You are not supposed to pour stuff down your drain, such as grease, baby wipes, and other items, over time. This could result in major blockages and costly remodeling projects, including replacing sewage lines.

Crack And Rust

Natural causes force everything to deteriorate with time. Sewage lines are also susceptible to the same problems. This particular type of rust might cause the line to crack and collapse resulting in back-ups and the associated symptoms for you to deal with.

By nature, the sewage liner presses up against the weight of the surrounding soil. The pressure on the line is continuous. After all these years of abuse, the lining will most likely eventually give up.

Collapsed Drain Pipe

For the sewage to be replaced, a licensed plumbing professional would need to penetrate your slab. After that, they will fix whatever needs fixing.

It is necessary to perform a comprehensive camera check before replacing the sewage line beneath a slab. It could even be necessary for leak-detection services to visit your house to locate the leak precisely so that it can be fixed or replaced.

Tree Roots

One of the main reasons why sewage line replacements are necessary is tree roots! Similar to how python snakes cling to their prey, tree roots can do the same. The roots spread outward and encircle the pipe, eventually rupturing or penetrating the lining. The sewage line’s liner can be repaired without having to deal with the inconvenience of replacing the entire pipe.

Usually, camera testing can be used to determine whether the sewage line has a root infestation.


How Much Is Sewage Line Replacement Cost?

The sewage line replacement cost might differ depending on several factors, including the professional who is handling the work. Partial replacement will be the least expensive choice; the cost of replacing ruptured pipes and doing a full replacement will range from $50 to $350 per linear foot.

The following factors affect the sewage line replacement cost:

Degree Of The Problems

A confined, smaller-scale sewage line repair will always be less expensive than a larger-scale problem that affects the entire city. One way to remove a few roots that are growing in a sewage pipe is to snake out the line. That so, the cost of repair will be high if digging has to be done in the yard to replace a damaged sewer pipe.

Labor Installation

Depending on where you live and how complicated the replacement is, hiring a plumber to replace the sewage line might cost anywhere from $200 to $600 per hour. Asking for an estimate after thoroughly checking local plumbers will help you compare costs.

Length Of Sewage Line

One predictable factor that affects the sewage line replacement cost is its length. Length affects many things, including the amount of material to fill (sand and gravel), the amount of pipe needed, the volume of labor, and the distance the line must be dug.


Your entire replacement cost may vary significantly depending on where you live. The cost of living, reasonable labor rates, and material pricing will probably all affect costs.


The simplest type of sewage line to deal with is clear, soft, and free of obstructions. Obstructions in a yard include playsets, sheds, trees, fences, brick or paver patios, and concrete slabs.


Sewage line backups and breaks might pose a little biohazard to your house or yard. Only enough sewer will be cleared away by the plumbing company so they can reach the problem. The homeowner bears the remaining responsibility, and the overall cost of the sewer repair ought to include expenses for professional cleaning and restoration.

Trench Or Trenchless

The cost of trenchless replacements, including labor and materials, can range from $50 to $350 per linear foot. Since trenchless repairs don’t involve digging a trench and causing disturbance to your property, they are the most basic and popular type of replacement. It is therefore only intended for the damaged pipe’s comparatively short lines.

Yard Repair

Replacing an entire length of sewage pipe requires a lot of digging and scrabbling. That is to say, after the task is done, your yard will require a bit of maintenance. The basic cleanup is typically included in the overall estimate from contractors, but if the task requires more work than that, landscaping will be needed to restore your yard to its pre-replacement state. For this kind of work, hiring a local landscaping professional costs between $120 to $500.

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